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제목 [기본] Accucoms 행사안내 - Accufest 2015 등록일 2015.08.12 16:17
글쓴이 제이브라이튼인터내셔 조회 1753

ACCUfest is an exciting event that brings together our current customers and publishers interested in our services.

You’ll learn about current trends in scholarly publishing, mature and emerging markets, our services and interact

with like-minded industry professionals.

Details about the program will become available soon.

This year’s ACCUfest will take place in Mühlheim am Main, Germany. Please reserve October 12, 2015 for our

customer event. Since this will be a full day event including evening reception, you may also want to block

October 11 and 13 for arrival and departure.

What You Can Expect at ACCUfest

  • Informative Talks (keynote speakers will be announced shortly)
  • Market Analyses and Forecast
  • An Exciting Evening Program
  • One-on-one talks with our regional sales representatives

About the venue

The conference is located in Landhaus Hotel Waitz, a unique 4-star hotel which has both classical and modern

elements. It lies in the middle of the Rhine-Main region with scenically and culturally environment. It is only a

stone’s throw away from the airport in Frankfurt and can be reached from all directions via the highway directly.

- See more at: http://www.accucoms.com/accufest-2015/#sthash.E2n0S6Z0.dpuf